The Adventure of the Purple Fingers

One morning, when Locked Girl woke from troubled dreams, she found herself transformed in her bed into a horrible vermin.

I’m kidding. Not about the ‘troubled dreams’ part, that’s true enough, it involved a lot of clothes hangers and sharks, as I recall. Lots of sharks.

I love sharks. But I also hate them. I could go on for ages about sharks, but I won’t, because that’s not the point.

What is the point is that someone–I don’t know who–is trying to kill me.

When I woke up this morning, at approximately 5:25, as I recall, things seemed normal at first. A little stiff, a little sore–nothing unusual since going off the nerve pain medication–but it didn’t last. Soon enough I noticed something unusual.

My hands… something was wrong. They were numb, incredibly itchy, and then–well, then the pain started. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know why they were like that–and when I looked at them, I only freaked out more. My fingers were discolored and swollen, and it wasn’t over yet.

Hours passed. I was prevented from going to school by the startling events, and on top of that prevented from doing… well, pretty much anything using my hands, in order to try and keep things from getting worse. Which is, well, most of the things I normally do. Write, play piano, so many things I was rendered incapable of doing… It was incredibly frustrating. I was essentially reduced to watching television… for hours and hours… until finally, I was able to see a doctor. It was deemed an allergic reaction–that I touched something that I shouldn’t have. And I was given medicine for it, and it seems to have helped… which leads to the question, just what did I touch?

No one can recall anything that might have caused it, and the strangest part is the near-perfectly symmetrical effects on my hands.

A strange reaction with odd effects and an unknown cause…

It’s very simple, really. If there’s nothing new that I could have touched to cause it, it must have been something that I’ve touched before. However, that would beg the question–what was different about it now, that it would cause such a severe reaction?

(You should have seen my hands… they looked like marshmallows. Large, purple marshmallows.)

As I said, it’s simple. Someone introduced a foreign substance into my belongings–possibly on the keyboard of the very laptop I’m using now–with the intent to induce a fatal reaction. Unfortunately for them, the agent only affected my hands, and nothing else, leaving their attempt a failure…

Of course, that means that they’ll be left with no choice but to try again. This time, however, I know what they’re up to. This time, I’ll be waiting.

I don’t know who it is or why they’re after me, but whoever you are, I know what you’re trying to do. And I’ll play your little game… I’ve got nothing better to do, after all.

So come on, then.

I’m waiting.

An Introduction

Calling upon my limited social knowledge tells me that when meeting someone for the first time, one must, of course, introduce oneself. This is one of the biggest social rules out there, and one of the ones that actually makes sense to me(why do we shake hands? No, seriously, why? I don’t get it) so I shall follow it.

Again, my ‘name’ is Locked Girl, I am an Aspie, and this is my blog. Truth be told, I’ve wanted a blog for a good while, but didn’t get around to actually getting myself one until now… ah, other stuff, right. Um. Again, limited social knowledge means I have pretty much no idea what to put here, so I’ll just… get to all the really deep stuff, okay? Green. Green is good, I like green. I love books, and the ones I really like… I pretty much treat them like glass. Ones in that category that immediately come to mind are Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley, A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro(although that one met with an unfortunate accident and now has a crease in its formerly-perfect cover, I like it better this way), and pretty much anything Sherlock Holmes. But those are just a few, I have way more that I love. You should see the look on my face when someone asks me what my favorite book is. (I’ve never seen it myself, for obvious reasons, but I’ve been told it’s pretty great.)  I hate telephone conversations, I love geeking out over things, I can’t smile for the camera to save my life, and I neither understand nor wish to understand the concept of romance. BBC’s Sherlock is the only thing that’s ever made me scream like a crazed fangirl, and that’s because it’s so beautifully Aspie-ish. Even the producer agrees, so I feel validated in this belief.

I have a strange obsession with the number 17, and the name Charlotte. I’m trying to find a Charlotte who hasn’t had something bad happen to her, but so far, no luck. (I mean, the spider died alone(and she got off the easiest!), Charlotte Bronte outlived her entire family and still died young, and the list just goes on.)

In case it wasn’t immediately obvious, I could get a doctorate in rambling if it were a viable major… Too bad. If anyone would support rambling as a career, I’d be a billionaire in no time.

But that’s enough rambling for now… I have something better to talk about. Something coherent...

A book!

A new one, to be precise. Just got it in today… had to pay ten bucks, but it was worth it. It was all worth it.


And here we are, folks, The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro! I must say, I have high hopes for this book. It’s the sequel to the aforementioned A Study in Charlotte, which I thought was quite excellent. (Ask your parents, kids. This one’s a murder mystery.) Pros included the name Charlotte(as mentioned before, bit of an obsession, and she doesn’t get off easily either!), Sherlock Holmes, of course, a plot I found thoroughly enjoyable, generally well-written, humorous without being corny or overdone, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Cons:more romance than I’d have liked, some mature content(not gratuitous though, points to the author for that), language, and a lack of creativity with the naming scheme. Don’t mind that much though; still a highly entertaining read. So yeah, I’m going into TLoA with great expectations, here’s hoping it doesn’t let me down.


See you in my next rambling, Locked Girl is going to go read a book now.